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        Singer, composer, arranger, and producer Grazyna Auguscik has won the praise
     and admiration
of music critics,  jazz enthusiasts and even non-jazz audiences
     with a singular voice that speaks a universal language.
     She is one of the most intriguing contemporary vocalists on today’s World jazz scene.

     Her elusive style challenges traditional definitions of jazz and show vocalist and
     musician without boundaries. Her unorthodox approach to rewriting classic works
     is at once a tribute to its authors as well as an adventure into uncharted territory.
     Her originals give a fresh taste of uncanny flavor.

     Her professional music career She began in Europe, completed her studies
     in 1992 at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston,
and has since become a prolific collaborator shearing the stage with such
     jazz notables as
Jim Hall, Michael and Randy Brecker, Bobby Enriquez, John Medeski, 
     Paul Wertico, Kurt Rosenwinkel,  Robert Irving III, Michal Urbaniak,
     Terry Callier,  Patricia Barber, Leni Stern, Eric Hochberg, John McLean,  David Onderdonk,
     Ernie Adams, Andrzej Jagodzinski, Jarek Bester and many others.

        Since 1994, Grazyna has made Chicago her home where she performs
at the
     legendary Green Mill, 
and a most memorable appearances at the 1998 and
     2002 Chicago Jazz Festival among
  Nancy Wilson,  McCoy Tyner, 
     Brandford Marsalis,  Randy Weston, Von  Freeman,
Roy Hargrove,  Irakere
     and many others.
 Amidst  her active schedule of World wild performances,
     Grazyna has managed to record, produce and distribute ten albums, six under
     her own record label, GMA Records, and appearing on as many projects as a guest.
     Her album “Pastels” was one of the best in 1998, chosen by National Public Radio listeners.

        The begining of New Millennium brings her three new albums.
    “Fragile”  in collaboration with one of the best Brazilian singer and guitarist Paulinho Garcia
     was TOP 20 JAZZ ALBUMS of the year 2000 on WBEZ CHICAGO 91.5 FM National Public Radio.

         Her 2002 “River” release  was  a fantastic  surprise for music critics,  jazz enthusiasts and all music
, and  placed her as one of the hottest young jazz talents in the country.

     In Year 2003 Grazyna is nominated by 22nd Annual  Chicago Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist of 2002. 
     In month of February 2003, 2004 and 2005 She was awarded as Best Jazz Vocal of 2002, 2003 and 2004
     by a prestigious European "Jazz Forum Magazine".
     Also 2002 Fujitsu Concord Jazz Festival awarded her as TOP VOCAL, and the album “Hamage”
     Three for Brazil recorded for Pony Canyon Records in Japan was on TOP 20 JAZZ ALBUMS in Asia.

        2003 release "Past Forward" by Grazyna Auguscik though it once again resists easy classification
     because of its musical eclecticism, is jazz in all its contemporary potential, pulsating, exhilarating,
     eastern musical origins leading to the past, uncanny impression of wholeness, featuring remarkably
     talented accordion player Jarek Bester, with her alto - warm and hypnotic simply brilliant, it is another
     from "Graz" must-hear experience.
     After many very successful tours in Europe and Japan last year her 2004 appearance at one of Japan's
     largest jazz festivals, Jazz Elite, with Three for Brazil was one of the highlights next to Jim Hall Trio.


         Her next release “The Light” as of the beginning of 2005 is already highly acclaimed. 
     “ Auguscik has assembled a dream band … taking charge of the band she has created, she could make
     a difference in jazz today. Auguscik may be on the brink of innovation as does her new CD The Light “ says
     “Chicago Tribune” critics’ review .
     Find out why the LA Times says "Grazyna Auguscik is doing important work in advancing the potential for
     imaginative jazz singing. She is a singer to be watched. "
     Presently  “The Light” is claiming charts not only Jazz Radio stations all over the U.S.
 as well as her latest
     Holiday Release “LULAJZE The Lullaby for Jesus” (her 4-th project in year 2005).

     Her next upcoming project as of the beginning of next year is greatly anticipated. 

GRAZYNA AUGUSCIK from her new CD,   THE LIGHT.   I want you to process and synthesize
a whole new world jazz fusion  from a ‘ Peter Gabriel’  bossa  nova perspective -  a new interesting 
direction for this very progressive artist . We played Roberta Flack’s “Until It’s Time For You To Go,”  
Auguscik’s version  is ingenious , worldly,  out reaching our perspective of how a jazz singer should sound...
for Grazyna Auguscik is setting a new standard for modern jazz singing, Listen to Auguscik’s version
of Barber’s “If I Were Blue,” surreal, European and blue, with ketch string accompaniment, occurrent of blue.
- Dick Crockett / STILL ANOTHER JAZZ SHOW / “The Voice” 88.7 fm / Sacramento, Ca

”She's a music machine.”

          -  Christopher Loudon  “Jazz Times” 

                   ” ... a strikingly original vocal style ... hauntingly beautiful ...”           

     -  Bill Milkowski  “JAZZIZ”


 "Grazyna Auguscik is not  merely  a vocalist but, rather a musician who
has a purpose for every note she sings, for every phrase she lingers
upon — or dramatically cuts short”
   “... Grazyna is emerging as an individual voice in a world
of sound-alike singers ... Auguscik approaches the art of jazz singing
with fervor and intensity. She treats even the most well-worn
   fare with a spirit of adventure ..."

-  Howard Reich,  " Chicago Tribune"

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